The College has a major hospital complex in the campus. Dr. Anand P K V, MD (Ay) is the Superintendent of the Hospital and Dr. Abdul Ravoof P. K, MD (Ay) is the RMO. The hospital with daily 8 OP Sessions and 100 beds IP facility for patients is equipped with modern diagnostic and clinical facilities, including 3 Operation Theatres, modern bio-chemic laboratory, an X-ray unit, ECG and Ultra sound scan Unit. 2 Panchakarma theatre for male and female, Yoga ward, physiotherapy rehabilitation unit is also attached. Ksharasuthra treatment, Ante natal clinic, infertility clinic, ENT and Eye diseases clinic, visha treatment, skin clinic, paediatric treatment, Spine disease clinic, hridroga clinic, manasaroga clinic, are also available in the hospital.