Department of Agadatantra

            Department of Agadatantra ,Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College Ollur is a full fledged actively functioning Department with regular and other activities beneficial to BAMS students and public, ranging from organising practical workshops on rare medicinal preparations ,awareness classes and clinical management.

            The Department of Agadatantra of Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College, Ollur was established in the the year 2000. It is well equipped with a smart practical class room with LCD projector, elegant Chairs with Writing Pad, a Library and Toxicology Museum. The library section facilitates inquisitive students to dive deep into the branch of toxicology as it contains rare collection of manuscript copies of Keraleeya visha chikitsa textbooks with other essential and rare copies of Vishachikitsa textbooks other than Malayalam for reference. Its toxicology museum is equipped with preserved  specimens of toxic, anti toxic plants and poisonous and nonpoisonous creatures , toxic and antitoxic raw drug specimens, chemicals,acids and alkalies, 100 number of poison sets, 100 models of weapon sets,autopsy set along with sufficient and more charts and models .


               Agadatantra is a clinical branch of Ayurveda dealing with diseases related to poisoning, bite and sting management, skin diseases,skin beauty and hair care.With the Outpatient and Inpatient treatment, here we effectively manage Sidhma(Psoriasis),Kitibham(Lichenplanus),Vicharchika(Eczema),Dadru,(Fungal infestations),Alopecia, Post bite ulcer management,Food poisoning Gara visha and Dushivishajanya manifestations, Insect bites etc.



Collecting  and preserving rare Visha Chikitsa Texts.

Preparing Special yogas mentioned in Visha chikitsa texts and manuscripts for Visha chikitsa and Skin Disease.

Translating some rare Keraleeya Visha chikitsa texts to English.

Assigning Project Work related to Agadatantra to respective house surgeons posted in the department opd.


SWOC - Analysis and Future plans of the Department:



Well experienced full time teaching faculty.

A special library with  a rare collection of photo copies of manuscripts and other rare Visha Chikitsa textbooks including Keraleeya Visha Chikitsa

Toxicological and  Forensic museum.

Smart practical classroom.

Effective management of Dushivishajanya rogas and Garavishajanya  rogas(toxin related diseases)



Snake bite management at present not attended as not equipped with emergency assistance.



To develop as a Post graduate department.

Management of Life Style Diseases like skin diseases , Garavisha and Dushivishajanya manifestations.



Snake bite management.

Development of a Serpentarium.


Future Plan:

Develop as a PG department.

Prepare and dispense rare medicines mentioned in keraleeya and other visha chikitsa text books for Visha Chikitsa and Skin Diseases 

Develop as a snake bite management centre with modern emergency management and dialysis unit.

Digitalization of  Manuscripts and rareVisha Chikitsa texts


Vision and Mission

Enlighten Students.

Empower Faculty

Enrich the Institution

Educate Public


Associate Professor and Head of the Department

Date of Birth : 24-04-1981
Date of joining : 20 Dec 2012
Qualification : BAMS from M.G University in 2007, M.D in Agadam from Calicut University in 2011
Experience : 2012 onwards Lecturer in Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College Ollur
Registration No. : Travancore Cochin Medical Council, 9053
Phone : +91 9747093644
Email :

Assistant Professor

Date of Birth : 21-03-1986
Date of joining : 08 Nov 2021
Qualification : BAMS from Calicut University in 2010, M.D in Agadatantra from VPSV Ayurveda College, Kottakkal in 2014
Experience : 2021 onwards Assistant Professor in Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College, Ollur
Registration No. : Travancore Cochin Medical Council, 11604
Phone : +91 9496235358
Email :