Department of Salakyathantra



         Functioning as individual Salakyathantra department from the year 2000 after the implementation of department system. Earlier Salya&Salakya were in one department.




         Department is functioning both in College and Hospital.It is a clinical department and have OP &IP in hospital.Subject is included in Final year syllabus.




      OP Department of Salakyatantra has been functioning from Monday to Saturday every week at 8AM to 1PM.Investigations done in our department includes Vision test (near vision,distant vision,colour vision), slit lamp examination, IOP checking, Ophthalmoscopy, Retinoscopy, Schirmer’s test, Mydriasis and PMT, Otoscopy, Rhinoscopy, Tuning fork tests etc.


          Common diseases related to eye like refractive errors, immature senile cataract, Diabetic retinopathy, Glaucoma, pterygium, chalazion,stye, conjunctivitis, dry eye etc.. are managed using medicines and procedures like anjanam, aschyothanam, sekam etc.. ENT diseases like deafness, CSOM, Ear wax, otomycosis, nasal polyp, DNS, tonsillitis, Menier’s disease, adenitis, thyroid, Sinusitis, Migraine etc.. are managed using medicines and procedures like karnapooranam, waxremoval etc.. Alopecea, dandruff,hair fall etc.are also managed in our OP.




          In IPD total 10 beds are available in our department.5 beds for male 5 for female. There diseases are treated by medicines and procedures like Nasyam, sirodhara, sirovasthi, Tharpanam, Thala pothichil, netra sekam, jalouka, lekhanam, bhedanam etc.. Surgical instruments and other instruments are available in the department.


    Other facilities available in Salakyatantra department are:


        .   Single drugs - 40

        .   Models - 28

        .   Charts - 11

        .   Department library - 53 Books






         Awareness programmes about Eye protection methods,Eye donation,Eye exercises,Firstaid in some common eye problems to :-


                  (1) Public people-in connection with Arogyasapthaham            

                  (2) Public people in Edakkunny Sreeparvathi Auditorium in connection with Warrier samajam celebrations         

                  (3)  School students of Santhi Bhavan   Vidyanikethan School Thaikkattussery in connection with World Sight Day.

                  (4) School Students of Panamkuttichira Govt. School, Ollur in connection with Ardram Padhathi of Govt of Kerala.

                  (5) Distributed  EYE DONATION forms to 134 persons.





          1. Govt School Panamkuttichira Ollur

          2. Govt School Vallachira

          3. Model Girls Higher Secondary School, Thrissur

          4. Santhi Bhavan Vidya Nikethan School,Thaikkattussery

          5. John Ukken Memorial Special School,Thaikkattussery

          6. Primary School,Thaikkattussery

          7. AUP school,Anakkallu,Perinchery

          8. St Theresetas U P School,Thalore

          9. Public people-  NSS Camp at Peechidam

        10. Nehru Smaraka L P School,Annallur

        11. Edakkunni West People Residence Association,Ollur




         1. College Hospital- in connection with Arogyasapthaham

         2. Glaucoma detection camp in association with Dr Ranimenon’s Eye Clinic,Thrissur

         3. Nehru Smaraka School,Anappara,Annallur

         4. St Theresita’s U P School,Thalore

         5. Govt School Panamkuttichira

         6. Flood related medical camps in different places-active participation

         7. Pakal veetu-Senior citizen association-Ollur

         8. Assissi Providence Home ,Irinjalakuda

         9. Edakkunni West People Residence Association,Ollur




    Department conducted supplementary classes as CME programmes by MBBS Doctors from different institutions.


        1. Dr Ramesh Kumar,Jubilee Mission Hospital,Thrissur – ENT

        2. Dr Ranimenon,Dr Ranimenon’s Eye Clinic,Thrissur – Ophthalmology

        3. Dr Merin Paul,iCare Hospital,Thrissur-Ophthalmology

        4. Dr Sushama Poojari,Lotus Eye Hospital,Ernakulam-Ophthalmology

        5. Dr Gopal Pillai,Retina Specialist,Amrutha Institute of Medical Sciences,Edappilly-Ophthalmology

        6. Dr Remya MDS,Senior Resident,Govt,Medical College,Thrissur-Dentistry

        7. Dr Shoba Ramesh consultant ophthalmologist in "Dr. Rani Menon's Eye Clinic", Thrissur - Lasesrs in refractive errors 


NAYANAM – One Day seminar


      .   Ayurvedic experts from outside college took classes-Dr Sreeja Sukesan,Govt Ayurveda College,Trippunithura. Dr Stella George,VAC Ollur

           also presented paper in that seminar.

      . Webinar on Ophthalmic Complications of Diabetes on August 24 –Dr Jeena from Kottakkal VPSV college presented the paper.

         .  Webinar - Understanding Cataract through Ayurveda on 31/10/2021 by Dr Sindhu .C Professor & HOD, Shalakyathantra Department, Govt

          College, Kannur.

      .  National Webinar on Glaucoma by Dr Sharika Menon, Consultant in Dr Rani Menon's Eye Clinic, Thrissur on 09/03/2021




      1. Classes given to persons from foreign countries and from Kerala on different occasions at Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Research Foundation-Centre

          of Excellence

      2. In charge of parallel scientific session in connection with VAJRA-International Seminar organised by Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala.

      3. Paper presented in one day seminar DISHITHA 2019 at Govt Ayurveda college,Trippunithura conducted by KUHS.Research

          proposals are also submitted.

      4. CME- Update on Eye and ENT diseases at Govt Ayurveda College,Trivandrum

      5. Five days Research methodology classes in VAC Ollur

      6. One day seminar-VELICHAM at Guruvayur town hall conducted by Dr Ranimenon’s eye clinic,Thrissur

      7. One day Orientation programme to Ayurveda Faculty at KUHS

      8. Certificate programme conducted by KUHS successfully completed by Dr Stella George.

      9. Department teachers are members of Association of Salaki.

    10. Given practical awareness of surgeries in Ophthalmology to Final year students in Dr Ranimenon’s Eye Clinic,Thrissur.It is very useful to


    11. Research proposals were given in college viz Mudganjanam in Corneal opacity,Kseerabala in the management of Badhirya,Amalakadi

          sirolepam in early greying,Effect of Tharpanam in Vathahatham.

    12. Special medicines were prepared by House surgeons of the Department with the proper guidance of teachers .This is still continuing.

    13. Department conducted special OP treatment for DRY EYE and IP treatment for MIGRAINE&PTOSIS

    14. Students of our college (Dr Arjun & Dr Roshna) got FIRST & SECOND place in SALAKYATHANTRA from the students of all colleges

          under KUHS.






Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Dr. T. G. Stella George, BAMS

Date of Birth : 12-11-1965
Date of joining : 15 Mar 2003
Qualification : BAMS from Calicut University in 1990, M.D in Salakyathantra from M.G.University in 2012
Experience : 2001 onwards Lecturer in Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College Ollur
Registration No. : Travancore Cochin Medical Council, 5933
Phone : +91 9633087560
Email :

Assistant Professor
Dr Adarsh Varma R, MS(Shalakya Tantra)

Date of Birth : 10-10-1992
Date of joining : 28 Nov 2022
Qualification : BAMS(Sri Chandrashekharendra Saraswati Viswa Maha Vidyalaya) MS (RGUHS)
Registration No. : TCMC No: 17648
Phone : 9074576061
Email :